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Alex’s Bar Mitzvah

Ldvee provided the fun “in flight entertainment” for Alex’s Bar Mitzvah. Our stunning Airhostess were there on arrival to meet and greet the guests, we choreographed a fabulous walk in with Alex as the pilot, and put our fun Ldvee twist on the special Aviation themed event.

Charlotte’s Bat Mitzvah

Charlotte’s favourite thing is a butterfly, so we choreographed a beautiful sparkly butterfly show and presented her to the guests for the stunning colourful entrance.
Our Ldvee girls sparkled and shined, adding the perfect feature to the enchanted garden theme.

Roller Disco Fun

Becky chose a neon roller disco theme for her
Bat Mitzvah-
We choreographed a bright and wonderful entrance and topped it off with our glowing neon finale.
The show was choreographed to a medley of Becky’s favourite songs, and the girls were a huge hit with the guests as they danced the night away.

Yazzie’s 6th Princess Birthday Party

The birthday girl was totally surprised by the 6 beautiful Princesses.
The girls performed a magical show with a tailor made twist just for Yazzie and her friends.

The Pirate Party

The Pirate party for Jacks 5th Birthday was a fantastic day.
Our breakdancing pirates stole the show with their impressive moves and tricks.
The party peaked with a pirate disco and a breakdancing lesson for Jack and his friends, lots of fun had by all.

Jack’s Football Bar Mitzvah

The Ldvee team literally had a ball while they played ball!
The football themed event was tailored around the guest of honour.
The girls organised the games, dressed the part, and performed a walk-in with Jack as he was cheered on to the match of the day theme tune.

Aimee’s Bat Mitzvah

Ldvee provided fabulous up-tempo performances for the special girl.
We choreographed bespoke shows throughout the night, a fun novelty give out and provided 5 of our stunning Ldvee hostesses to ensure the party was in full swing